I will begin this post with a scripture that moves me in a mighty way, “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, DO NOT FEAR, I will help you. –Isaiah 41:13

So my question to those who are reading this, why are we so fearful to the do and be the things that we really want to be? Clearly, the Lord above has given us the strength and the power to do the unimaginable.  Why is it so hard to take the first step? Procrastination is the biggest dream killer of all. When you put your dreams on hold, it’ll never happen for you. When you put your dreams in God’s hands and walk by faith, he will make it so that you will reach them.  Pay attention to the people, events, and things around you that could help you piece your dream together bit by bit. If you aren’t focused on what you really want, you will not see what the good Lord is doing for you. Don’t be so worried about what you don’t want for your life, focus on what you desire the most and allow him to manifest it for you! Take it for me, it works. I was afraid to take the first step because I didn’t believe I could become an entrepreneur, but I stepped out on faith and that’s when the miracles begin to happen.

Your first step is to ASK God for it, BELIEVE that it will happen, and then you will begin to RECEIVE what you’ve asked for. It takes time, patience, and understanding to endure. Don’t lose sight of it, because you will miss it at the drop of a dime. Don’t allow ANYONE’s opinion of you to become your reality. People often times think that you can’t do something because deep down in their souls they feel as though they aren’t capable of doing it. Think about it…..have you ever heard a successful person say, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT” or “YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT.” Personally, the doubters are the ones who are fearful and the believers are those who understand the POWER of being BOLD and FEARLESS. Anything done once is an attempt that you’ve tried, but if not done at all is truly failure. So, what if you take the first step and YOU NEVER QUIT? Most of the time success is just one single step away, but if you stop, you’ll never reach that LAST and FINAL step.

Thomas Edison, for example, created the light bulb. We use lights and electricity every single day, but not once have we thought of the blood, sweat, and tears that came into play for him to accomplish something so huge that it impacted the world in such a major way. This was truly his passion, and he never gave up! As a matter of fact he quoted, “I didn’t fail 999 times, I just thought of 999 ways that it did not work.” Wow….talk about a heart for what he created. He believed in his heart that he was going to find a find a way, and he surely did.

The moral of this story is don’t allow fear to be your reason why you have not begun to work on your dreams. You were made to do so much more. You are worthy of living the life of your dreams. You were made to be fearless. FEAR IS THE DEVIL.  Have faith in God. He will help you. Now, let’s get to work dreamers! I believe in you!

*Coach Rasheeta*


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