What You Believe Can Change Overnight

I’ve chosen to write about this particular subject because there are a lot of people out there who may need to hear this.

Recently, someone asked me why I chose to walk away from a teaching career after 8 and a half years of being there. My answer to their question was, “I wasn’t happy, my beliefs changed.” When my beliefs changed, I changed! I absolutely loved teaching young children, but the system pushed me out of the door. The fun of teaching had been stripped away from me, and it left me in a box that I dreaded going to every single day! I prayed for a way out, and I no longer wanted to be in a place that didn’t make me feel happy about what I was doing! I was empty, a bit ungrateful of my accomplishments at the moment, but I realized what I was worth. I said,” God if you can send something my way that I would truly love doing, I would be the best I can be for you and me!” I had no clue what I wanted to do, but the goodness of God brought me to where I am today!

Now, we have all heard the statement…”I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” This is exactly how I was feeling. I know you are probably wondering why I felt this way, and I will proceed to tell you exactly why! I realized that a degree doesn’t guarantee the level of success that one wants to obtain. I do believe that education is very important, and I am in full support of gaining the necessary skills for a particular field. However, self-education and self-knowledge is the most important education of them all. How do I know? It’s because I have learned more about life in a 2 year period than I have ever learned in my 18 years of formal education! I was dumbfounded and totally outdone at the information that was revealed to me. You don’t know what you don’t know until you start searching for answers and testimonies of people who were winning with NO SCHOOLING involved. Are you kidding me…were my thoughts, and as I gained more and more information,  I discovered that if I could change my mindset, (the way that I thought) I could actually change my life!

There you have it! My beliefs changed almost overnight. I felt in the deepest part of my soul that I was made for so much more. I had to YEARN FOR MORE. I had to develop the attitude that no one or nothing can set a limit on the things that I could accomplish for my life. I had to determine my definition of happiness. I believe that no one should be in a bitter broken environment that doesn’t inspire them or push to be better. I do believe in having an attitude of gratitude, but if you are not truly happy with your job, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE! I didn’t say quit your job today, but I am encouraging you to start RIGHT NOW thinking about your future and where you would like to see yourself doing in the next few years and take action towards those goals. Don’t continue to be that bitter, complaining, employee that blames everyone around you for your happiness.  Stop it!! The ENEMY is the INNER YOU! Take a look in the mirror.  Change starts with you!  If you can change the way you think, you will change your life!! Choose happiness, choose positivity, choose to keep pushing forward until you have reached your goals. Yearn for more spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. After all, life is about having a healthy balance! Allow no one to set a limitation for your life. The sky is no longer the limit! “Adopt-a-belief” and watch how you will fly!


7 thoughts on “What You Believe Can Change Overnight

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  2. ” If you can change the way you think, you will change your life” this is a strong word, i love it(it’s a rainbow)!I believe that we need to be careful about our thoughts.We must select our thoughts because we are mostly the result of our own choices,we must take possession of our thoughts and our decisions.Thoughts is the source of all things(wrong or right),they built our reality,create a new chapter of our lives.One thing is sure,each day we are struggling because we’re doing what people thought for us,for few that fits but for the majority of us no! Rasheeta i am really happy for you to know that you are on the right thing to do to make your life better.There’s many of us who crosses life without know what they want .

    Quote of Allen Iverson
    §§ My late grandmother (and first finance teacher) explained that if you don’t change who you are on the inside, then your life will always reflect the state of your internal condition. In other words, Iverson will have to adjust his approach to spending if he is to ever have a chance at a normal existence. §§

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