Nothing In Life Comes Easy!

Worried? Depressed? Lost all hope? What are you to do at that moment? Some people tend to worry themselves to their death beds, while others go out and create ways to turn circumstances around. One thing that we all can relate to as humans is realizing that NOTHING IN LIFE COMES EASY!

We all have to struggle at times in life whether it’s physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially. How we tackle these struggles is a direct correlation to the way that we think. Physically, we know and understand that food is a driving force to having energy and being healthy, but the question remains……do you really want to be healthy and are you committed to becoming physically fit? Commitment requires a focused thought process and retraining and conditioning of the mind! That takes strength. The bible quotes, “You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.” This bible verse floats around freely, but is not used to one’s advantage.

In order to have the strength to do something physically, one must have the mental connection that takes them to a place of having faith in God. He will give you the desire of your heart if you allow him to take control of your mind and your body. Our body is a temple and we must take care of it and allow our strength to keep us focused….NOTHING IN LIFE COMES EASY. Keep the faith….step by step you will get there!


6 thoughts on “Nothing In Life Comes Easy!

  1. Valuable things never comes easily to us.Nobody can offer us what we really want.To know the value of what we want,we need to wake up and go fight for what we believe . Doesn’t matter how far we come from or how big our dreams are , we need to stop to give any excuses for ours failures that we drag in our lives.To become that person we want to be,we need tochange,build a new attitude, select our priorities and then customize life we want to live

  2. yes really not good or very good comes easy, u even get those things at edge of when you are about to give up, some give up and right then it shows up and they miss it. we need to keep striving until we make it

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